Laser Therapy

Chiropractors and other Physicians are using laser therapy more often than ever before to help reduce pain and inflammation related to many common conditions. These Doctors and Patients have experienced the power of laser therapy and are familiar with its therapeutic effects!

It reduces pain and inflammation without side effectsOur COLD LaserTherapy- RED Light/ INFRAred Therapy) uses a process called photobiomodulation. Photons enter the tissue and interact with the cytochrome c complex within mitochondria. This interaction triggers a biological cascade of events that leads to an increase in cellular metabolism and a decrease in both pain and inflammation. Unlike medications, laser therapy reduces pain without undesirable side effects and speeds up the healing process in the affected tissue.

It is also important to point out that patients report long-lasting pain relief. While the number of treatments required may vary depending on the acuity of the condition, many patients experience lasting relief after only a couple treatments. Laser therapy is also a great alternative to Ultrasound Therapy that is often prescribed to patients to help decrease inflammation because it is less messy and the procedure time is much quicker.

When treating acute conditions with laser therapy, it is particularly effective when it is administered as soon as possible following injury. The faster the inflammation is reduced and the healing process can begin, the better. In the case of acute injury, laser therapy helps restore the body to normal function quicker.

With chronic conditions, laser therapy is used most often to help combat persistent pain and inflammation. This therapy laser is especially well-suited for treating chronic conditions because it enables doctors to treat a wider area of interest while still delivering therapeutically relevant dosages.


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