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Dr. Melissa Arceneaux
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*The below testimonials are true testimonials of existing patients.

Janelle B. Personal Injury Patient

"Extremely satisfied. Always focused on my progress and making sure my needs are met. Dr. Arceneaux-Myers will be quick to offer a new method of treatment to try to help."

Shanna D. Stay at home mom

"Our experience here at the Chiropractic Total Wellness Center has been wonderful. It has exceeded our expectations. Dr. Arceneaux-Myers listens, takes the time to hear our concerns, and does it with a perfect balance of professionalism while making you feel right at home. We are thankful we found this practice."

Blane B. Retired

"Extremely professional office, staff, and doctor. Always has the patient’s well being and outcome of the treatment as their number one priority!"

Isabella M. School Teacher

“Before I started dry needling, I had scar tissue build up around my tendons in my left ankle. I’d experience pain regularly and had little range of motion. With dry needling, my scar tissue has greatly reduced; I have major improvement with my range of motion, and can now do activities that previously caused me pain. The results speak for themselves; it is a different procedure but after your first time, the fear is gone and you will want to do it regularly”

Lucinda G. Pharmacist

“Before dry needling, my pain was still a 10 and pretty consistent! After dry needling the level of pain was 0. I totally forgot I had an issue with my knee. I now feel that my knee is healed. I would not hesitate to get the dry needling because before that occurred; I felt that I needed to go the conventional route. There may have been a little pain with one or two pricks, but it was nothing compared to the knee pain that I had before! Just do it!”

Ben A Retired

“Recently, a very painful, misaligned neck gave me an opportunity to use the services provided by Dr. Melissa Arceneaux. Her diagnosis and treatment gave me immediate relief from my pain. No pain pills. No go home and rest. She just took care of business in a very knowledgeable, caring, accommodating, and professional way. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Melissa to anyone who is experiencing problems similar to mine. These people are just plain 'good at what they do.'"

Sandra M School Teacher

"I was in so much pain from years of neglect. My low back pain was unbearable so my husband recommended that I go see Dr. Arceneaux-Myers. Dr. Arceneaux-Myers helped my back feel so much better with the adjustments and therapy. I also suffered a separated AC joint while training for a triathlon. She worked on my shoulder, which eased the pain, and she also performed a certain technique that helped break up all of the scar tissue. Not only did the pain subside, but it also helped me gain back my range of motion in my shoulder- which has increased tremendously since the injury. Now I am back to my regular activities and routine. I have never gone this long without any aches and pains and now my training is back in full force! I would recommend Dr. Arceneaux-Myers in a heartbeat."

Sunnie L Student

"I am a full time college student, and have suffered for years with excruciating migraines. They have been so bad to where I would have to miss school and work, and all I would want to do is go lock myself in a dark room. After going to my primary care doctor, he prescribed me medication for my headaches and I still didn't get any relief. I heard from someone that I should try a chiropractor, so I took their advice and had my very first chiropractic experience with Dr. Arceneaux a few years ago. As she promised me that it wouldn't happen over night, fairly soon into the first few visits with her I started to notice a substantial difference. My headaches became less and less and I actually enjoyed the regular adjustments. My neck wasn't as stiff, the migraines lessened, and she even helped me with my low back spasms that I would get on occasion! She is a life-savor! I wish I would have went sooner and not suffered all of those years with the horrific migraines and the lack of knowledge of what a chiropractor can actually do!"

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