Cupping Therapy- What is it exactly?

Cupping is a different type of therapy that developed as old Chinese natural medicine. This method uses cups to create a suction to your skin to the symptomatic area for a few minutes. (Other cupping techniques can be a gliding with lotion under the cups or doing active range of motion while the cups are on) This promotes increased blood flow to the muscles, releasing the toxins from the body’s tissue and organs which then tends to loosen that tightness, spasms, and trigger points. It also promotes tissue repair and healing in that targeted region.

There are variety of reasons one might get cupped: to help with pain, inflammation, spams and trigger points, relaxation, blood flow and your overall well being! (Don’t we just all love those endorphins that will be released!!!)
Cupping also treats lung disorders, such as: a cough, bronchitis, and asthma.

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