Do you ever want to lock yourself in a dark room? Is your head ever throbbing so bad that it just makes you nauseous? Feel like you tried every quick fix migraine pill there is with no relief? Well, let’s talk Dryneedling for migraines!

Dry needling is a technique similar to acupuncture, but more medical based and done by physicians. Most of the time migraines are contributed by the cervical spine, hypertonicity of the muscles, and/or cranial nerves. When performing dry needling, the contact with the hair-thin needle (no medication, hence DRY needle) causes an actual chemical change inside the muscle that releases tension and trigger points, increases blood flow, desensitizes the nerve root involved, and promotes healing to the tissue! Results can be seen immediately, but vary from patient to patient. Keep in mind, all of this leads to FIXING the problem and not just masking it. Once everyone is over the Botox craze, we will still be here…Ready to needle up, without injecting any substances into your body 😉 Let’s let the body heal itself naturally in a conservative more affordable way 🤗 I’m in! Are you!?


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