“When and How often should I see my Chiropractor?”

          One of the most frequently asked questions from patients is “How often should I come in to get treatment?” A patient does not necessarily have to be in pain in order to come see us and get adjusted. It is actually best to get in the office before the pain starts. If you are in pain or having discomfort, seeing your chiropractor can be more beneficial in the long run because it is treating the actual problem and not masking the symptoms with prescriptions (which is what most medical doctors will prescribe). A good time to see a chiropractor is when you feel tension, tightness, pain, or any discomfort even if you have just started to notice the symptoms. For example: If you are prone to sciatica, you should not allow your sciatica to flare up, you should see your chiropractor regularly and it will prevent you from future episodes and lessen the severity of the pain. Depending on your specific health needs and goals, patients benefit from weekly chiropractic and/or massage sessions. Last but not least, you can get in as often as you would like! Just because you love the way adjustments make you feel!

        A good tip to remember is the sooner you get in with your chiropractor, the better! Do not make the hallmark mistake of thinking it will go away on its own because it is only a matter of time before it will happen again! Be PROACTIVE, not REACTIVE! Do we only go to our dentist when we have major issues with our teeth? I hope not! Take care of your spine regularly just like the rest of your body. You will thank me later!

Look forward to a healthier and happier you! :)

Dr. Arceneaux


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