How a foam roller changed my life...

How a foam roller changed my life...

What is a foam roller?

It is simply that, a roller made out of foam. It is used to improve mobility, decrease pain, and improve flexibility. At first, the area being rolled may feel tender until the knots and adhesions start to loosen up.

What I discovered it worked wonders on is for low back, IT band and glut (buttock muscles) tightness! And if you think about it, if your hamstrings, gluts, and IT band are constantly tight— these are the muscles that are attached to the pelvis and if they are pulling and tightening it will lead to fatigue in the low back and cause PAIN! It makes you think, no wonder I always have low back pain!!!! It’s because all of the muscles surrounding the area are TIGHT!!

What is the IT Band?

The IT band is short for Iliotibal Band, which is the ligament that runs down the outside of the outer thigh from the hip to the knee. The IT band attaches to the knee and helps stabilize and move the joint. If your IT Band is tight, it is highly common to have knee pain and/or low back pain because of it.

Once I discovered the foam roller, it made a world of difference. I would just roll out once or twice a day and I wasn’t as tight in my low back and IT band as much. It improved my workouts greatly, I wouldn’t get as sore after each workout and I noticed that the knots in my IT band began to diminish. I never realized there were so many knots along the side of my leg, it is evident that is what happens when you suffer with chronic tightness and you aren’t really doing much about it.  


Who would have thought something so simple as a roller made of foam could do all this! Feel free to come stop by the office, and I will show you how it works. Or you can pick one up for $20-30ish at Walmart, Academy, or Target etc

Happy Rolling!!! (:

Health and Happiness,

Dr. Melissa Arceneaux


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