What is that popping sound?

What is that popping sound?

A patient’s first time getting adjusted can be a little scary, which is why some people are skeptical about getting it done. Patients often do not realize the instant relief that follows an adjustment despite the dreaded “popping noise” that comes with It. A chiropractic adjustment releases simultaneous endorphins, which is why it feels so amazing and relaxing—Wishing you would have come to a chiropractor way sooner than you did!

An often asked question from patients is “What is that popping sound” after getting their neck or back adjusted. The noise that you are hearing is similar to when you crack your knuckles.

It is easy to compare what the “popping” noise is to popping a champagne bottle or opening a can of soda which is a release of the pressure in the bottle. Similar to the release of pressure in your joints, the sound you are hearing is called cavitation. Cavitation is simply the release of gases (nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide) built up in your joints, which results in the popping noise.

The joints in the spine are called the synovial joints and they produce synovial fluid. This fluid lubricates the joints for movement as wells as nourishing it. When the joint is opened up, or when the joint’s space is increased during an adjustment, it usually results in the sound you hear.

The popping sound does not happen each time you get adjusted. Some chiropractic techniques never cavitate the joint. Although there is no sound, it does not mean that the adjustment was not successful. Chiropractors look for restricted movement in the spine and adjust (produce movement) in that particular area.  

So no…. We aren’t actually breaking your bones or can break your neck LOL

It’s a very specific procedure to a specific area that makes you feel like a new, more flexible You!

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