My head is throbbing!!!!

Did you know that adjustments made by a chiropractor can help with migraines-- and in most cases, can completely get rid of them?!

The throbbing, aching, vice like headaches most of us are familiar with... Feeling like you just want the whole world to go silent and to lock yourself in a quiet dark room. Tension headaches are no joke. But there is hope. And by hope I'm not meaning a pill to pop every single time you feel one of these debilitating migraines coming on...

The body's nervous system is an amazing thing. We have thousands of nerves that travel out of our spinal column and innervate organs and muscles in our body. Most people do not realize that if you are having major muscle tension and tightness in the neck and suboccipital (base of skull) region, this can cause pressure on the cranial nerves triggering a headache. So not only are you dealing with a headache, but you also have muscles and nerves surrounding the area that are inflamed and irritated. Ouch!!!

A spinal manipulation is such a wonderful thing. Not only does it feel amazing, but mobilizing the joints in the cervical spine releases the pressure in the joints to restore the proper flow of the nerves in that area. Hence, no more migraines!!!

The Best feeling in the world is seeing my patients have immediate relief. Just know this much--- it's NOT normal to have a few migraines a week or on a daily basis, and something can be done about it. It could be something so simple as tension in your neck or a misaligned vertebra. It doesn't hurt to try it out, right?! If you or someone you know is suffering with daily or occasional headaches or migraines, stop dealing with the constant inconvenient pain and give us a call! We are here to help!

Health and happiness,

Dr. Melissa Arceneaux



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