When should you see a chiopractor?


I've contemplated of what topic I would want to discuss for my very first blog for Chiropractic Total Wellness Center... And something that kept coming to mind is a major topic:
I wish patients knew of all the different conditions/treatments people come to a chiropractor for-- not just to get their "back popped" I feel like each week I have a handful of patients who say "Aw man, I had no idea y'all could work on that! Or Dang, I wish I would have come to see you sooner!! " Seeing a patient's reaction of instant pain relief and such gratitude and appreciation makes me genuinely love what I do each and every day! I see it everyday, the look on a person of hopelessness and feeling like their condition will never get any better-- not enjoying the simple daily things of every day life like going to the zoo with the grandkids or enjoying a day walking around in the French Quarter, or just simple things like driving in a car or exercising. People feel like "Will my daily migraines ever go away?" or "Will this shooting pain down my back and into my legs continue to get worse and worse?" "Will I ever have a good nights rest again?"
The answer is YES!!
But only on one condition--- to CARE and take INITIATIVE to a healthier you. You have to want to get better and take the time to do so. If you ever have once pondered: I wonder if my Chiropractor can treat this or help me with that. Please take my sincere advice and just ask us! I know I would take the time to meet with any of my patients whether you are an existing patient or a potential new patient to just discuss any questions, concerns, fears and/or expectations and I'm sure every other Chiro out there is willing to as well. It can be very intimidating going to someone new or to try something out if you have never done it in the past! But all I can say is it doesn't hurt to ask! We are here for you and will do everything possible to explain, help and lead you in the right direction to pain relief and a happy and healthy life :)
... and who knows, it could possibly even eliminate going under the knife!
I love when my patients leave with a sense of a new beginning and thankfulness! Why not start now?!
Below is a list of a few common things we treat as Chiropractors, but the list doesn't stop here... Don't hesitate to ask!!
Neck and back pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Frozen shoulder/ tendinitis
Hip pain/ bursitis
Nerve pain/ pinched nerve
Sinus pressure
Plantar fasciitis
Muscle spasms
Flexibility issues
Knee pain
Shin splints
And good ole maintenance care for people who want preventative care!
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Heath and Happiness,
Dr. Melissa
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